Scoring ‘Saturday Night Live’: The Luminous Kerry Washington Hosts the Season’s Best Episode So Far

This article is from the archive of our partner. So, to say Washington’s position as host was important for the show would be an understatement. A massive casting exodus over the last two season left the show vulnerable — Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis left, following Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg’s departure the previous season. SNL lost its five biggest names over the course of two seasons. So this year was meant to signal a new start, a refresh, with young performers finally grabbing onto the spotlight and new faces filling the holes. So producer Lorne Michaels set out to hire new performers this summer, and many noticed the new performers had one thing in common when their names were announced. On a show that has been historically criticized for its lack of diversity, on a cast dangerously low in color to begin with, the new performers turned out to be five white men and one white woman. This didn’t sit well with current feature performer Jay Pharoah, who let his feelings known during an interview with the Grio. It will happen. I’m sure it will happen.

Did Kerry Washington’s ‘SNL’ Stint Help Solve the Show’s Race Problem, or Just Expose It?

By Daily Mail Reporter. When Kerry Washington hosted Saturday Night Live this week, she became the only black actress on set – working with a cast that has been recently criticized as being almost entirely white and male. Washington didn’t hesitate to point out this lack of diversity – opening the show with a sketch in which she scrambled to play Michelle Obama, Oprah and Beyonce in a single scene. She wryly noted that she was the only one on set qualified to play any woman of color. The show’s writers also acknowledged this deficiency.

Kerry Washington made her debut as host of Saturday Night Live this to a game show host to a ditzy teen on a MTV reality dating show.

Personally, I would’ve been happy with just about anything when it came to Kerry Washington on SNL ; I was purely excited just to see her on the show. But about a third of the way through, my husband turned to me and said, “She’s good. Great writing and cast-acting can save a show with a bad host; a mediocre one barely registers. But a host so on top of her game that you have to pause the TiVo to acknowledge her killing it—that’s rare.

Kerry handled SNL like Olivia Pope handles a senator’s extramarital sexcapades, which is to say: with confidence, exuding the vibe that she’d done this a hundred times before, and in 90 minutes flat. For me, the best moments were:. The culturally important one To the show and Kerry’s credit, the night began with a sketch going right at the show’s female diversity problem.

It was blunt, smart, and self-effacing. In my opinion, SNL also threw a gauntlet down on itself here: After a sketch like that, if there’s not a woman of color in the cast next season, they’ll have their own cleverness thrown back in their face.

The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Kerry Washington

Posted by Sean L. If you thought the timing of casting Kerry Washington as guest host of Saturday Night Live seemed suspicious when you first heard about it a couple of weeks ago, then seeing what happened live on Saturday night on NBC…wow. Just wow. By the end, he had the Rev. As usual: Nothing. This weirdly meta opening, so weirdly meta as it was, set the tone for what would be one of the more bold, ballsy and to borrow a classic catchphrase wild and crazy night for SNL.

The show has entered recovery mode, riding off its comeback last year with a The Saturday Night Live Recap: Kerry Washington and Eminem and Beyoncé (​to date, the cast has never included a black woman), and the.

Cold Open — Kerry Washington comes out as Michelle Obama which could not be more perfect , then comes out as Oprah when Kenan Thompson refuses to do so and again, could not be more perfect , and then the voiceover announcer apologizes for the number of black women Kerry Washington will be forced to play tonight.

This is a first to my knowledge. Sure, celebrities frequently appear on the show to rehabilitate their reputations after scandals by poking fun of themselves, but here, SNL is attempting to rehabilitate its own reputation for a lack fo diversity by making fun of its lack of diversity. Will it make a difference as the actual Al Sharpton asks? But is it amusing and self aware? Many on Twitter, it appears, disagree with me.

I suppose a more cynical take is that, by making light of a serious situation, SNL is minimizing it. Unfortunately, the monologue is another too short one that ends just as it seems to warm up.

Kerry Washington makes fun of lack of diversity on Saturday Night Live

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Kerry Washington, Scandal, SNL, Saturday Night Live a shockingly stupid yet dead-on portrayal of an MTV dating show titled Date or Diss.

If primetime TV were high school, Kerry Washington would be the homecoming queen-slash-valedictorian. The Scandal actress is the mega-popular star of a hit show, so having her host SNL seems like a no-brainer. Two weeks ago, Kenan Thompson announced that he would no longer be the go-to guy for cross-dressing impersonations.

The show was forced to address the controversy head-on, which was awkward for everybody. Still, Kerry Washington managed to make a fierce argument for the inclusion of black women on SNL simply by being so damn good in every sketch. For one thing, opening the Kerry Washington episode in the White House set us up for a Scandal parody, and the realization that she was playing Michelle Obama was a bit of a let-down.

Also: her Michelle impression was her weakest character of the night, which makes me wonder if this cold open was a last-minute decision. Unfortunately, since Jay is the star of the sketch and Kenan will no longer play women, Washington must leave the set to do a quick-change into Oprah. In point of fact, it just made me feel bad that Washington was forced to trot out an Oprah impression albeit a pretty good one.

As usual, nothing. Thankfully, once the cold open was out of the way, things got a whole lot better. Nasim Pedrad gives us another solid new character this week, punctuating her sentences with pelvic thrusts and shareware sound effects. What Does My Girl Say?

Kerry Washington, Eminem to appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’

After the departure of its biggest stars, Saturday Night Live’s 39th season is finally in full effect. The show has entered recovery mode, riding off its comeback last year with a hefty gamble on five new cast members. There’s no more Stefon but “Live from New York!

In the week leading up to Kerry Washington’s episode of Saturday Night Live, criticism of the show’s failure to diversify its cast beyond the usual.

Prior to the start of the season, a large number of cast changes occurred. In addition, featured player Tim Robinson left the cast to focus on his new duties in the writing staff, becoming the first performer to join the writing staff after being a cast member without initially being hired as a writer. Mooney auditioned for the show in for the previous season. O’Brien had written for the show since and was the first writer to be upgraded into the cast since Jason Sudeikis in Meyers remained Weekend Update anchor up until his departure from the show on February 1, Colin Jost , a writer for the show and head writer for season 38 and 39 , joined the cast on March 1, , as a featured player and as Meyers’ successor on Weekend Update.

Strong was replaced the next year by former writer and Daily Show correspondent Michael Che.

SNL Takes Us BLACK to the Future

I get why you wanted to do this cold opening, but I haaate under-planned endings. Pffft, white people. It makes less sense 20 years later. Honestly, Leah had the first pick and she used it well.

Saturday Night Live – Kerry Washington – November 2, Cartoon Catchphrase, Principal Frye – Fall Carnival, Date or Diss, and Ice Cream. America’s premier sketch-comedy show returns for its 39th season LIVE from.

While those things are all good, I think there was an important message that was communicated delivered between Saturday and Sunday, the message being that black women need to define themselves in the media. Like many, I was looking forward to seeing Washington take on sketch comedy over her weekly role as Ms. But who would play Oprah? The one black woman currently on screen of course!

We make these requests because Ms. Washington is an actress of considerable range and talent — and also because SNL does not currently have a black woman on the cast. Mostly the latter. We agree this is not an ideal situation and look forward to rectifying it in the near future, unless, of course, we fall in love with another white guy first.

Episode Review: ‘SNL’ diversity-driven sketches can’t excuse racism

If its intention was to prove that Kerry Washington brings a spark of energy to most anything she touches, it succeeded. If its intention was to prove that Jay Pharoah has grown into more than just a skilled impressionist — and judging by previous seasons, not without a considerable amount of work — then it succeeded.

Further, it succeeded in addressing — but only addressing — the elephant in the room that is the lack of diversity in its cast. SNL proved that it can still do what it has always done: slyly address an issue with comedy and confidence, without feeling the need to offer any real solutions or insight as to how to take care of the problem.

Saturday Night Live addressed its lack of diversity on its first episode hosted by a 2 cold open, the show “apologized” to host Kerry Washington for the in the Miss Universe sketch and a constestant on a MTV dating show).

Saturday Night Live addressed its lack of diversity on its first episode hosted by a woman of colour in almost two years. Using text scrolling onto the Nov. At least Washington came right out with a spark and energy that lasted throughout the uneven episode. Not so much. Nasim Pedrad is a Yemeni-born motivational speaker with Washington as her assistant on a high-school tour. Pedrad goes all out: the dance pelvic thrusts-galore and the accent are OK, but Washington stole the sketch as her annoyed sidekick.

Kind of weak for a post-monologue sketch, but Washington shined.

Match’d – Saturday Night Live