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Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma has been linked to an actress surnamed Tong since he broke up with actress Jacqueline Wong last year. Last Friday, he was photographed by the media driving to Roxanne Tong’s house. He stayed at her apartment for about four hours before they were seen leaving together for a shopping trip at about 8pm. Ma, 46, and Tong, 33, admitted to their relationship a few hours later. They posted on Instagram a photo of a toy unicorn and a toy white horse on their respective Instagram accounts last Saturday, with the caption “Thanks for the care” and tagged each other in the posts. He said they have been dating for about two months and have met each other’s parents. He added that he liked Tong’s character and that his mother liked her too. I am not young either. Tong Chun Chung, 63, told the media that he was satisfied with her daughter’s boyfriend and rated Ma ” marks”.

Photos Of Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong Dating Suface Online

HK Channel reported that the episode show, “Finding a Good Man”, will begin in late February and guest star four TVB female stars per week who will be finding their perfect match among ten male contestants. Speaking to the media about the show, “Finding a Good Man” host, Louis Yuen revealed that they have auditioned over compatible man who are of quality such as university professors, CEOs, good-looking men returning from overseas, and more.

He added, “We hope that through this show, we will also able to show you the real life personalities of the celebrity contestants.

Stephen Chan Chi Wan, General Manager of TVB, is the host of this show and he interviews notable performing celebrities, politicians, business people in Hong.

But it is unfair to pin the burden of encompassing a notoriously-fragmented and dizzyingly-multicultural region on a romantic satire of the moneyed minority. What the movie is pretty good at is being a romantic comedy. The movie, based on a novel of the same name, had plenty of high notes quite literally, with its delicious big-band Old Shanghai lounge soundtrack. The syrupy love-against-odds plot, albeit a tad banal, is carried by a lineup of endearing characters, nuanced acting, and witty lines, all packaged in opulence porn engineered to tap into whatever wiring in us that makes the Kardashians famous.

But there are janky notes. Character development seemed to have been sacrificed in a bid to fit its gigantic cast and side plots that, while compelling, do not seem relevant to the main narrative.

Crazy Rich Asians is pretty much a TVB drama – until it isn’t

This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Fu. She can speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin. Fu gained early success during the first half of for her role in her debut TVB drama Hearts of Fencing. Fu played, Tsui Gam-mui, a major supporting character.

Kenneth Ma Is Dating Roxanne Tong, The TVB Actress Who Replaced His Ex Jacqueline Wong In Forensic Heroes IV. By Lee Wei Lin.

Flamboyant former Television Broadcasts TVB general manager Stephen Chan Chi-wan must wait until February to learn his fate, as he stands for retrial on fraud and corruption charges. Acting chief district court judge Poon Siu-tung set the retrial for Feb 20 and 21, as Chan and his former personal assistant, Edthancy Tseng Pei-kun, appeared in the dock again on Tuesday – a month after the Court of Appeal overturned the pair’s acquittal in a ruling that stated the same judge had erred in applying the law.

A seemingly nervous and tired Chan struggled to compose himself as he listened attentively to arguments presented by both the prosecution and defense counsels over the Court of Appeal’s judgment in the prosecution’s appeal of the acquittals. Prosecutor Eric Kwok Tung-ming, said the judge must reconsider his earlier verdict as to whether the two defendants are guilty, or not guilty and state his reasons.

Kwok argued that the upper court’s ruling is very clear. At the heart of the issue is a law that hinges on section 9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, under which three of the five original charges were made against Chan and Tseng. The ordinance states that any agent or employee, who solicits or accepts an advantage for having done anything related to his or her employers’ affairs or business, is liable to be prosecuted for corruption.

Jacqueline Wong’s “Handmaidens United” Possibly the Lowest-Rated TVB Drama of All Time

Oriental Daily reported that fans were taken aback by the news as the couple had set up house in June. The year-old Fung wrote in her posting that they had supported each other through good and bad times and wished Chung the best. Filipina expresses sympathy for driver in Lucky Plaza accident. Shocking last written words of famous figures.

Forget about all the K-dramas and new Netflix shows. This addictive TVB serial with slightly comical overtones developed over Set during the roaring 60s, this rom-com tells the tale of struggling actors Tse Yuen and Lee Kei, My Date with a Vampire was arguably some of the only work the channel.

The initial split was a quiet affair, with both sides refraining from providing a reason for the breakup. They dated for five years. But now it seems that the couple broke up because Tang, 43, was cheating on Ko, Miss S told reporters that she met Tang at a concert in March The pair dated for 10 months before Tang broke things off. However, the musician claimed that he and Miss S were never in an official relationship.

Tang said that Miss S had persistently harassed him on social media, threatening to spread rumours about him to his colleagues, friends and family. He said that he had taken legal action against Miss S in late February. However, Miss S came with receipts; she was able to provide screenshots of text messages between herself and Tang which showed that the pair were involved romantically.

Miss S told HK01 that Tang was constantly paranoid of their affair becoming exposed. She said that he would not take any photos with her, and would threaten her into silence if he believed she was compromising their privacy. Are you ready for retirement? Manage Log In. Keep track and manage your login sessions and devices here.

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The scene was both touching and funny as the 1. The lovers gave a magic show together at the special stage last night. Wong prepared a surprise for Li when he got his hand squeezed by an iron clamp, which almost scared Li to tears. Then he appeared with a bunch of flowers and a ring.

Let’s face it also shows, 62 japan, the air a simple tap. Stream right to your smart tv stopped being a year-old tvb pearl date actress dating max. This year to.

Watch Now. Apple-colada Apple-colada. They are poles apart, often bickering. She seeks to reclaim the property by hook or by crook but ends up in hilarious chaos. You May Also Like My Dearly Sinful Mind. The Defected. Ghetto Justice. Eye in the Sky. Highs And Lows. A Fist Within Four Walls. Flying Tiger. The shares she has invested in are suspended from trading.

16 best Hong Kong TV dramas of all time

By katrine on February 10, in Hot Gossip! TVB is hosting a reality dating show once again but this time the contestants will be made up of single female artists. Although the show achieved high ratings, it also received backlash for reinforcing the unhealthy public perception about single women. The series did not fare as well as the first and generated major controversy over some of the questionable coaching by its team of experts.

-Reality TV show by TVB () about Hong Kong celebrities sharing various interesting and entertaining stories of their life.. if you miss your.

Netizens are lashing out at Hong Kong broadcaster TVB after it debuted a new cooking show that many say is brimming with sexist undertones. The hour-long episodes air every weeknight, each featuring demonstrations of four local-style recipes. Since the series premiered on Monday, some netizens have called the show out for perpetuating problematic stereotypes that push domestic duties like cooking and cleaning to women, while not enforcing any such expectation on men. Seriously, TVB?

A cooking show only targeting a female audience—am I living in the s? Elena Kong, one of the celebrities featured in the show, shared a trailer for the series on Facebook. TVB has also been condemned as homophobic , with critics observing that many of the gay characters in its programs are disproportionately portrayed as criminals and social outcasts. Available on sale until September 30 at The Coconuts Shop.

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TVB actress breaks up with boyfriend

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. The couple confirmed the news by sharing the same image of a pair of plush toys. They should make a sex video and send to Jac..

TVB’s most recent weekly viewership rating reports have been released. From January 13 to January 19, the two prime-time dramas have been struggling to.

Watch ‘ White War ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. The best of friends, the three grew up sharing the same life-long dream, to join the Hong Kong Police Force, together. Never straying from that dream, the three dedicated their lives to making that dream a reality and celebrated the day it finally came to fruition. Determined to make things right, Cheng Tian goes head-to-head with one of his oldest friends in an all-out war between a new generation of drug lords and the cops determined to bring them down.

Pushing the bonds of brotherhood to the breaking point, Cheng Tian but face the rising tide of greed and corruption that threatens to destroy everything he and his friends once held so dear. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

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