#SuJu: SM Confirms Sungmin’s Marriage With Actress Kim Sa-Eun

Lee Sung-min born January 1, is a South Korean singer and actor. Sungmin was born in the Ilsan district of Goyang, Gyeonggi. He has a younger brother, Lee Sungjin. Together, they signed a contract with SM Entertainment and received training in singing, dancing, and acting. In , along with Typhoon, Rose and Attack, the six of them made their first television appearance in a show called Heejun vs. Kangta, Battle of the Century: Pop vs. Then Sungmin and Eunhyuk joined ten other trainees and formed Super Junior 05, the first generation of rotational boy band Super Junior.

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Why does dating affect someone’s music success when they have nothing to do with one another? I don’t understand this aspect of the Korean fan base. Heck, I’d get them a wedding gift if I were a real die-hard fan like that. But if you’re a fan who doesn’t respect the idols are ARTISTS, and were in an illusion you were going to one day date him, of course you’d be mad.

Sungmin (성민) is a singer, actor, and member of the group Super On September 24, , he had confirmed that he was dating actress, Kim Sa Eun – He got married to musical actress Kim Sa Eun on 13 December

They also stated that they just start dating. Some news also show the couple and similar items which shown from both Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun. Congratulations for the couple! We do not have to attach or provide news of where it originated. If you find any similarity on our news, there is no intention to plagiarise news from other sources, because all of the main idea of the news is the same and can be written in the same way or differently depending on the characteristic of the writing of journalists associated.

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Super Junior’s Sungmin confirmed to be dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun

After checking the news with Sungmin, SM Entertainment has also confirmed the relationship. Source: Koreanupdates. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Super Junior Member Sungmin is Dating Musical Actress Kim Saeun Entertainment has just confirmed that Super Junior member Sungmin.

Last night, I was just lying on my bed, peacefully using my phone and singing kpop songs. You know, typical scenario in my life.. Shocked is, well, an understatement. The news is so alien? And right then and there, it just dawned on me. Sungmin is truly dating…. Got to work today and of course, even if the truth scares me, I wanted to look into the details.

Lee Sung-min (singer)

A few weeks ago, Hallyu forerunner Bae Yong-joon revealed that he is set to marry singer-actress Park Soo-jin this fall. Was it surprising? But was it unexpected?

It seems that the Super junior member is the first member in the old Lee Sungmin and 29 year old musical actress Kim Saeun’s marriage.

Super Junior’s Sungmin recently shared with netizens some snaps on his Instagram after he completed his basic training with a commendation. The inactive member of the superstar Kpop group also thanked his officers and fellow soldiers for all their hard work, which made it easier for him to complete basic training.

Thank you to all the officials and officers who worked hard during my training. Because of you, I was able to wrap up my training without any incidents these past two nights and 3 days,” Super Junior Sungmin posted on his Instagram account. He also accepted a citation humbly, saying that he really didn’t do better than the others, but he was still happy to be recognized. He wished his fellow soldiers good luck in their future endeavors and ended with a cheerful message of “Fighting!

While it has been reported that Super Junior is gearing for a new comeback with maknae Kyuhyun’s completion of his mandatory service, Label SJ, the SM Entertainment sub-unit in charge of all of Super Junior’s activities clarified that not all members of the group would be joining the comeback. The clarification came amid speculations that Super Junior Kangin and Sungmin will be joining the stage with their other members for their new album.

Super Junior’s Sung-min and Kim Sa-eun confirmed to be dating

No M. All Rights Reserved. Celebrity couples come and go , but news of a new celebrity couple never fail to make us excited. But those who have only been dating for a month like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson? Now, that makes us jump out of our seat. Then there are those who have been dating for some time but kept it under wraps until they decide to get married.

Super Junior member, Sungmin, has confirmed that he is indeed dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun. The two were reported to be dating on the 25th of.

Jaejoong made a low-key enlistment. It is not known where he will receive his weeks-long training before entering active military duty. The year-old singer-actor previously bid farewell to his fans at the two-day concert “The Beginning of The End” at Korea University in Seoul. Shortly after his enlistment, Jaejoong will release his second solo studio album, but an exact release date is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile Sungmin, who also joined the army Tuesday, is the first idol male singer who is married and was accompanied by his wife – musical actress Kim Sa-eun – on his send-off. He is going to enter the training camp quietly, accompanied with his family,” a source close to Sungmin told a local media outlet Monday. Sungmin and Kim were married in December after they first met during the musical “The Three Musketeers,” playing d’Artagnan and Constance, respectively.

On the day, several fans and media outlets were waiting to see him off, but he quietly entered the training camp without any special fanfare. In Korea, all able-bodied men aged between 18 and 35 are required to serve about two years in the military to deter threats from North Korea. Apr 01, He will be discharged from service 21 months later on Dec. Your daily good stuff – AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy policy.

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Remember Me. After the world tour super junior was officially kmusic. Sm ent artist: super show 7 in common?

Lee Sung-min (born January 1, ), known mononymously as Sungmin and also LIU, is a Then Sungmin and Eunhyuk joined ten other trainees to form Super Junior 05, the In , he starred as male lead, Ro, in musical Akilla at the Hanjeon Art , Sungmin confirmed that he was dating actress Kim Sa-​eun.

The agency stated that the both celebrities are still in a relationship but they have not gone as far as to talk about getting married just yet. The full statement is as follows:. Hello, this is Sungmin. It makes me sad thinking about all the fans that must have been alarmed at the news. I wanted to personally break the news, but while thinking about how I should tell my good friends and loving E. Before revealing this news, I thought about it a lot, not because I was scared of the decision I had made, but because I was worried for the people.

To everyone who has helped me until now, and to my fellow members and company that trust and support my decision, I am sincerely thankful. We wish you both happiness and grace in your marriage! They were introduced to each other while working for the musical. For now, we would like to congratulate them on their wedding and we wish them all the happiness in the world! Source: 1 , 2.

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